about me


my bios are always terrible, so here’s a fun little list for you instead of my usual rambling:

  • Leah
  • twenty years old
  • I live in Toronto
  • third year uni student (majoring in sociology)
  • feminist
  • not a huge fan of capital letters
  • v boring and whiney
  • big fan of winged eyeliner, cappuccinos, and dumb emo bands

this blog has existed for years, and over the course of those years I have deleted everything several times.  “starting fresh” is kind of a thing for me, as you’ll quickly learn.  But now I’ve really done it – I moved approximately 4000 km away from home, from my tiny little town on an island off the coast to the bustling metropolis of Toronto.

Here comes an adventure.

by the way, you cal also follow said adventure on twitter and instagram.  if ya wanna.