leah takes toronto

I have been on cloud 9 all day, and not for any particular reason.

I mean, there is a reason, but it’s not a particularly riveting one.

Basically, I got to explore today.

My uncle dropped me off in what is apparently called “the fashion district” (also known as Queen Street West), where I spent the morning wandering through all sorts of different shops, drinking coffee, and just generally being in awe of the city.  There are so many people and so much to see.  I was genuinely getting a little emotional as I walked through the crowds.

Everything just felt so right.

Then I decided I should try to find my campus – I knew it was somewhere around there.  So I looked it up, and I was walking down  Yonge St., past Dundas square and then all of a sudden there it was.  I was on campus – my campus – and it was so beautiful.  It was exactly what I had dreamt of and it was right there, right in front of me, and it was going to be mine in just a few months.

And THEN I decided I was ready to home and I got on the subway.


It was incredible.

Anyway, now it’s 1am and I’m lying in bed watching Wife Swap, so basically what I’m saying is that life has never been quite so perfect before.

And now, since I’ve survived the city and conquered the subway, I guess it’s time for bed.

Until next time ❤



4 thoughts on “leah takes toronto

  1. I went through similar feelings when I moved to Australia from England! It’s so exciting, enjoy!

  2. I remember reading your post about the whole Canada thing (which legit gave me goosebumps) and I’m so happy you’re loving it there! Also, is it a bit too weird that I’m already waiting for more of your adventures?

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